Crane Concepts offers a text message service enabling you to remind or alert your customers to new products, new time availability, an upcoming event, speaker announcements and so much more.  You can use your phone or our website to send text messages to any – or all - of your lists. Because text messaging reaches your customers wherever they are, they are instantly more connected to you and builds loyalty to your business. 

How It Works

Create Your List

Segment your lists to fit your particular needs.  Maybe you’re sending alumni of a past event.  Or perhaps you’d like to alert pre-registered attendees of a new keynote speaker.  Or maybe you’d like to remind folks who haven’t yet signed up that registration will close soon.  However you choose to divide your lists, you’re able to send messages specific to those lists.

Remind and Alert

You then send a text from your phone or our website to and everyone on your chosen list gets your message. Whether you are reminding attendees about a webinar or live event, alerting your best customers about your freshest new flowers, or sending out coupons on a slow days in your barber shop, we’ll you get your message out quickly and easily.  For event producers, text messages are especially effective to notify attendees and prospects “breaking news” like registration is open, your session is about to start, the room number has changed, or when the parking garage is full.

Generate Revenue

We help you generate revenue and build loyalty by reaching customers in a way that stands out and deepens their connection to you and your business. If you are producing an event, we get more people in seats. If you are a doctor, we help you fill an appointment slots. If you are a restaurant owner, we drive more traffic into your establishment.


·         Customers join your list from their phone, link from an email, or during the registration process

·         Customize your auto-response when customers opt in

·         Choose your area code for your text message number

·         Send to an unlimited number of lists

·         Schedule messages for whenever you’d like to send them – or send at the last minute

·         Customizable API with your registration system (varies according to system configuration and requires additional fee)

·         Printable QR code sign for your business or event location

·         We strictly follow all Mobile Marketing Association privacy guidelines


How do get my customers and prospects on my text lists?

Promote your text capability in your office, store, on your website, or at your events.  For event registration, you may consider making “mobile number” a required field, or simply ask registrants to provide it.  You might also ask registrants their preferred method for receiving event-related communications (i.e.: email, text, etc). We can also send an email to your lists asking them to provide their mobile numbers, as a way of “re-permissioning” them into your text lists.


How can subscribers opt-out?

We automatically include a short link in every message that enables subscribers to edit the lists they are on and to opt-out of any or all lists.


Am I charged for failed messages?

No. You are able to see every failed message and you are not charged for failed messages.


Do you sell the contact information in my account?

No! Your data is exactly that, yours. We will never repackage and sell your contact information or the contact information of your subscribers.


Why don't you offer a short-code?

Consumers know texting is to phone numbers. Short-codes are anachronistic and confuse consumers. We can offer a service that makes sense to consumers and works for you.


Can I send to a list I bought?

No. We strictly prohibit sending to purchased lists.  


Crane Concepts offers two basic services:

Do-it-Yourself.  We’ll give you login credentials for the admin portion of our website, enabling you to create and send out your own text messages

Full Service.  Crane Concepts can take all of that off your hands and create and deploy a text message campaign for you. You just provide the lists, or we can customize an API that works with your system.

Contact us for specific pricing based on your unique needs.